Before the trip to Hawaii

Why Hawaii?

I have decided to go to Hawaii for one major reason: this is the best place to surf during the winter time (well, I am not a pro surfer but I still need some cool place to catch the waves). Especially the North Shore of Oahu with world famous wave – The Pipeline and houses of the best surfers in the world – Kelly Slater, Koa Rothman, Jamie O’Brian, Billy Kemper, John John Florence, Nathan Florence any many more.

I have been a surfing fan since November but I have already watched every vlog, every competition in the last year and I follow almost every surfer on Instagram 😉 Haha.

Some may ask why I decided to leave the country for that long (the first idea was not to come back ever but then I realized that I need my “home base”), so I changed it to three months. Well, I wanted to leave because I was fed up with polish winter and people’s attitude which was really annoying especially after visiting the Indonesia with the positive and open people. And I wanted to take advantage from the possibility that I can pack my backpack and go anywhere I want to.  So I did 😊

My preparation

To prepare for that long trip I had to take care of the formal part of the journey – VISA, insurance, accommodation etc. and of the things that I will leave in Poland including my beloved home with my not that beloved mortgage 😉. In order to be financially secure I had to rent the flat and fortunately I found the two great tenants whom I wish a nice stay at my place 😊. The second thing for the financial security was to save money as much as I could what sometimes was painful but I hope it was worth it. Saving money included using only public transport (yes I know it sounds posh but it was hard for me), no eating out, no coffee to go, no shopping, no Training Lab (well I bought 1 week pass because I could not leave without saying good bye to the people), no cinema, no books, no manicure etc. And after all it was not that hard as I previously thought.

The plan

I have a plan to stay on Oahu for 2,5 months and then slowly come back to Europe. I don’t want to reveal everything yet as it may change a bit. What I can say is that I will finish visiting my father in Iceland (it will be my fifth visit there 😉). Now I have to focus on my trip tomorrow which will start at 5 AM at the airport and will finish after 33 hours. Long journey but Hawaii are almost on the other side of the Earth. Anyway I want to take every second of the trip and make it the best experience possible. Wish me luck!

Thank you!

And of course I would like to thank my family and friends who have supported me on the way since my trip to Indonesia in November. I cannot imagine what I could do without your constant positive feedback and attitude, especially on those days (many) when I was asking myself “What on Earth am I doing?”. I am beyond grateful that I have you all!

See you in Honolulu

Ok, it’s time to finish packing and rest before the trip. I will post between the flights to keep you updated (on FB and Instagram). And wish me luck at customs in Vegas!

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